English Versions: Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast, Prance into New York City
Spanish Versions: Queman el Churrrrasco de Cuadrrrril, Llegan Meneándose a Nueva York

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Meet the silliest, warmest know-it-all, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer from Poppingham, England and her furry brown dog, Moopus McGlinden, in their first adventure. This fresh, funny, and charmingly illustrated story will make even the youngest children laugh and smile. When Mrs. Pinkelmeyer tries to put her rrrrump rrrroast in the oven, she talks on the phone to a mysterious stranger in New York who is caring for her nephew while his parents are away. Read more

About Jennifer Kelman

Jennifer Kelman grew up in Jericho, New York, where at age 14 she began babysitting and volunteering at her local hospital to help children suffering from illness. Her love of children prompted her education and career path, graduating with a BA in Sociology from American University and then a Masters in Social Work from NYU. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

One evening not long ago, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer’s telephone rang. She answered it in her usual happy fashion and announced, “My name is Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, and I am making a delicious rrrrump rrrroast for dinner.”
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